Freestyle Random Access Poetry #8

Burn Notice

‪I’m going to burn your picture, ‬

‪In the kitchen where, ‬

‪I first kissed you, ‬

‪Right in this sink. ‬

‪I never wanted to think about burning the likeness of you, ‬

‪But when I think of you, ‬

‪I feel the anger burn through, ‬

‪My whole body. ‬

You loved everybody except me. ‬

I was too blind to see, 

That you were lying to me, 

Even when you were lying next to me, 

You were searching for the person you wanted next after me. 


I hope your happily living with him, 

Living in hell! 

As far as I can tell, 

You fell down a couple pegs when you met him. 


That’s you and him and that ain’t me. 

And now I see with clarity, ‬

That in the end,

‪That the fool was me. ‬


I treat this photo with alcohol, 

Set it ablaze, 

For all the things you said to me, 

And all the lies I mistakened as memories, 

And I set myself free, 


As I watch your photo turn to KFC extra crispy, 

Miss me with all the bullshit you ever fed me, 

Cause instead of me, now you have an impostor, 

With no possibility of them ever being me. 

I guess your dead weight to me, 

Because you gladly misled me. 

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