Another One of Those Reviews I Promised to Do!

Ghost City by: Simon Warwick Beresford

I am late to things sometimes.

But when I am, it is for good reason. Mostly because the universe is making me wait for the perfect opportunity to get it just right.

On the other hand, some people just get it right the first time.

I love when I see something that was made by someone and it is truly unique to where I want to write about it.

And trust me, if you make me write about it, it is good!

I had the pleasure of reading a book called Ghost City by Simon Warwick Beresford. It was a poem structured in the form of a book that told the story of some youngsters in what appeared to be the aftermath of an apocalypse. From there, we follow their path into the city and discover that there is more than the ghostly reminders of what once lived there, but there is a bigger evil afoot… evil that walks with a slow foot.

As a poetry writer, I was impressed wit the structure of the work as well as it’s ability to keep the narrative going throughout. It is very difficult to keep a story going while also ensuring that the next line rhymes and makes sense to the reader. Seeing the author do this shows that they have the mental dexterity to keep you entertained as well as show off their poetic prowess in the process.

I recommend this one as a read. Yes, I could comment and say that it is a short book but I do not believe there are short or long books but just complete works when they are done by their creators. This is worth an afternoon and it was a delight to read this work.

I will be buying the rest of the collection and review those as well.

Stay tuned.

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