Freestyle Random Access Poetry #7


I killed what was left of you that night at the pier. 

I watched you shed a tear in desperation, 

Trying to figure out what direction, 

Our relationship was headed.

I think about that moment because I felt indebted to you. 

When you told me, 

That I was dead to you. 

I knew what I was doing to you. I knew in the end, you would never be you again. 

I still kept you near…

For the fear in me, 

The fear of losing you to someone else, 

Made me unable to explain or quantify how I felt…

Mere welts, 

Compared to what the future held, 

Tears for both of us. 

Thus, you lived long enough to become the monster you sought to slay, 

You forgot how to pray, 

And lived everyday as a slave,

A slave in the shackles of those who come before you, 

Justifying what you do, 

Just like they did before you came to exist. 

That last kiss was the kiss of death, 


And I hope everyday not physically. 

But it seems to be now that you can only see through the eyes of those who cannot. 

Blinded by the rage of revenge,

You sent your own end path, 

Tinged in the sins of those you will never understand. 

You will never understand the damage that has been done, 

For when it is done, it will be too late. 

You had your own set of fears, 

You went in and faced your fears, 

By going face on into your fears, 

As you became the face that which you feared, 

You wear a face to cover your fears, 

To cover your tears,

As you mask the horrible person you let yourself become. 

As your face becomes undone, 

And your skeleton is revealed, 

Maybe then you will be vulnerable, 

As your shields will finally be down. 

And down you will go…

Where will you stop?

Only you know. 

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