So, I dug up my old Nirvana tapes…

What a wonderful weekend!

Did some Domestic Archeology of my own (see my Twitter to see what I mean by that) and found that I miss a lot of my old music.

Not only that, I missed the good old times.


The word that brings back memories of joy or pain, depending on the context.

For me? The music just brings back that fire I had when I first started my writing journey way back in high school. Maybe even earlier than that.

Do you remember it? Is it just me, or was the spunk inside more spunky when we were younger?

Maybe it was the sense that we were indestructible and undefeatable like some sort of demi-god.

That was the year I hit 100 mph (160 kph) after doing a burnout after getting my full blown license (this is not a lie, my sister can provide receipts).

Where was I?

Oh, yes, nostalgia. Thats similar to how it works, distracting you from your train of thought or, your train of dissatisfaction.

Or your frustration as to the things that are happening in the world.

A mental hole we can just go hide in to get away from all the bad shit that’s happening. Man, so much bad shit happening….

But there is a ray of hope… There are still good people. Some of them are hiding, some of them are out in the open….

I saw a lady a few days ago, maybe no older than me. There was a group of cats following her going full speed and I had no idea why. Keep in mind, I am observing all of this from a coffeeshop window.

She turns back a few moments later and feeds the cats something she Brought from the store for them, specifically. I had a feeling after that it might be something she does all the time.

I was stuck so much by the kind act that when she finally came in, I brought her a coffee. I never really got her name because that wasn’t important, the act of just being a good person was. In a world where people are shit, shit kickers and above all, lower than shit, she did something that a lot of people would not do: She empathized.

Empathy is scarce in this world. People are so self centered because why would they not be? After all, since the prominence of social media, we have upgraded from a “Me First” society to a “Me ONLY” society. We lie to others claiming that we know and feel what others feel but how can you when you have your head so far up your own ass? See what is beyond your eyes, which is-

No, I’m not going to go that far.

My point is that the nostalgia we feel is something that helps us to compartmentalize everything that is going on. Our early memories are a coping mechanism to understand the world at it’s worse. To take a break from something so overwhelmingly evil.

And that is why I blew the dust off of my records….

Here’s to the memories.

Hopefully our enemies will learn to one day be our friends.

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