Freestyle Random Access Poetry #6

For all of those who have been rejected in some way by a publisher…

I waited many months for you, 

Constantly refreshing my inbox, 

Because between dreams of success and the anxiety of defeat,

My mind just wouldn’t stop.

I pulled the drop down everyday looking for something to look up to. 

Waiting since June for some kind of news, 

Only to be confused to see, 

I was refused. 

Refused with a reused line, 

Like they just didn’t have the time, 

To even criticize, 

The jewel I created from the depths of my mind. 

You reminded me of what my mother would say when she wanted to defeat me, 

“You’re not worthy.” 


You’re not worthy. 

You didn’t even respect me enough to tell me where I fell short. 

You didn’t even tell me what words fell on your heart. 

I feel like you only read part of it, 

Because if you read all of it (or some of it), there would be something about it that would stick with you.  

Do you know about the passion I put into this? 

The heartaches and the very real kisses I recounted? 

I counted many instances where I recalled witness to this, 

And you just missed it. 

And the ones you picked, boring as shit. 

But I guess, somehow, I wasn’t worthy for the pick. 

I’ll tell you what line stuck with me, 

“… we wish you the best in placing your manuscript elsewhere.” 

What is that supposed to mean? Does that mean put it in my derrière?! 

I stared at that line for 15 mins of my lunch break, 

Trying to break down exactly, 

If this was a mistake, 

How come, 

This sounds like a hot take? 

No, I’m not hot and trying to make controversy, 


It seems to me like this was supposed to be low key


It’s exhausting to focus on this, 

As I know the reality is, 

That you just missed the point. 

So you just point and laugh, 

And threw my work in the trash. 

Thinking I would burn and crash. 

But not so fast… 

I got one more trick up my sleeve. 

Come to think of it? I don’t really need your approval. 

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