Freestyle Random Access Poetry 5

Quarantine Dreams

This solitude has changed my attitude, 

To elude, 

That I am now confused on how to live. 

I don’t remember what I used to do before all this or how I did it,

Somehow, I managed to forget who I am. 

But I remembered you and how you understood me and my ways. 

Remind me of which way I should go again? 

These new ways feel like witchcraft and I feel like it is a sin, 

To follow them, 

In the wrong way. 


Some good comes out of this. 


Without a mask, 

I can kiss your lips again. 

Being close is a sin now, 


Being closed in, 


Can we begin to understand one another? 

We used to stand with our brothers and sisters, 

But now, 

We draw lines in the sand and point fingers at each other. 

What have our mothers taught us? 


But how can we learn to tolerate, 

When we exaggerate the truth? 

It wins debates, sure, 


It does not change the state of the situation at hand. 

Where you and I stand is completely okay,

As long as it’s 6 feet apart. 

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