Thoughts of Green Tea

And this is the part where I am supposed to fill this blank page with something.

Something profound? Nah, that’s a bit too ambitious.

I just want to chill out and chat.

You know? Today I had a bit of a moment where I was feeling down. Creatively.

It’s one of those days where you just feel like everything you touch is doomed to fail, like if you do not possess an original idea whatsoever.

If you are reading this and you are a new author, you will have days like this. Oh yeah!

I’m speaking like I’m a veteran like I wrote 8 million books or something like that. I haven’t. Truth is, I am really bad at promoting my book (as I have learned this is most writers are weak).

I had to tell myself that it is not all bad. I read some of my old stuff to myself and I had to talk myself out of it as well as consult a few friends to uplift me again.

It is a reminder that we cannot do it alone. There is no such thing as the lone author clacking away at the keyboard at long hours of the night. They are as much of a myth as the page they are transforming into a story.

If you came across this, it might have been meant for you to read it. If you are feeling crumby about your work (which we all do from time to time because we are our own worst critic) tell yourself to shut the fuck up (I mean this lovingly) and just remind yourself of your strengths and take your weaknesses and learn from them. Build on them and find new weaknesses and repeat.

So what if it is week three and you still have 5k words written?

So what if your world was not built perfectly?

So what if the main character’s back story is too short? Maybe that is all they had to say.

Maybe that is all there is.

And maybe, you are just being too hard on yourself.

Give yourself a hug.

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