Those Reviews I Promised: “Inside Out” By Tiffany C. Lewis

I just finished reading “Inside Out” By Tiffany C. Lewis.

It was nice to read something that felt like a book I purchased from somewhere and let me clarify, I do not mean this in a bad way. I mean this in the highest of complements possible. Let me explain:

I have been hanging in the indie book scene for a little while and I have read lots of books by varying degrees of authors. Most are okay. Some need help in a 911 kinda way.

But this book here, I opened it up, completely open minded and it just felt good. The wording was great, the sentence structure was easy on the eyes. The story was cohesive. I did not feel like I had to struggle to understand the story nor did I feel like it was boring me. It set a steady, consistent pace throughout the book. That sounds simple, but that is actually really hard to do, especially when you have to keep coming back to a book, having a life and all. I never had the feeling that she sat at the computer thinking “Where the fuck am I in this story?”

Speaking of the story, I love how the characters have emotions and feelings. Often, you get a main protagonist that can do everything and can’t do wrong and is perfect. Michael Taylor has a little brother that is his polar opposite and I love it because that is how people are sometimes.

And to talk more about how people are, I love how the main character’s relationship with Vanessa is just so normal and organic! We live in a world now where the main character is mostly a woman in a love triangle with two assholes or, she is in one with a single asshole and he is either rich, abusive, undead or all three. This relationship with the Michael and Vanessa presented to us in the story is one that feels real. As I was reading this, I was thinking to myself “I know someone like this.” Or “I can see these two being real people.” This is what is sorely missing in modern literature. I’m not saying it does not exist, but, a lot of stories I hear about like to focus on toxic relationships or just the superficiality of it. This was a welcome dynamic.

I also loved how the author picked names that seemed realistic. They weren’t named some off the wall shit just to seem edgy or anything like that, there were names that you would expect normal people to have, further immersing me in the story. It is that attention to detail that sucks me in and yes, I was sucked in because I blew through all 200+ pages in one sitting.

Sitting is very unhealthy. You got to get up and move.

And I don’t know if these people are just super hungry, but they eat more than me in this story and I am alive… I think?

I also wondered how much money Detective Michael Taylor made. Follow my logic for a second:

So, if he was a regular at the strip club and he put in that $100 bill in every time to spend time with Vanessa (which she says she pulls $1k a night… I need to start stripping. Wtf am I doing blogs for?!)


Nah, just kidding, no one will pay to see my body!

If he is putting in that much money like 4x a week, multiple times a night, he could easily pay for her to quit. Matter of fact, he could front her $12k a month? Maybe.

If not, he is making close to $80k a year. Wait.

Never mind, Glassdoor says they make about $52,145 on average in Oakland and with him being super-cop, he is probably pulling in $60k.

Well, I guess he needs to strip, too.

Anyway, I do love how the bad guy was presented in this story and was updated with little micro chapters. I liked how it peered into his head slightly to let us know, somewhere, he exists.

Without giving away spoilers, let’s just say there are some red herrings and they are cleverly planted and executed well. It was never me saying, “That was lame.” Again, this story was well put together and all elements fit well like a giant puzzle.

Seeing that there are other books in this series, I would love to see where it all goes and how Michael Taylor does it all.

Life, a relationship and being a detective.

Finally, a book to be excited about.

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